We make wine the right way

Our products are carefully produced in Şirince/Izmir in Turkey; only using the best ingredients and the latest technology; to bring delicious flavors and new experiences to your tables.

  • Fresh Fruits
    Fresh Fruits
    We collect all the fruits in their seasons, no production without fresh fruits on hand!
  • Quality Nature
    Quality Nature
    Şirince is located on one of the most amazing nature, sun-water-wind, and proper oxygen on top of the mountains.
  • Perennial Recipes
    Perennial Recipes
    We work every day to bring the best recipes with our fresh fruits without losing the quality of the wine taste.
  • Modern Equipment
    Modern Equipment
    Our equipment is up to date to follow the latest options in the production line.
  • Innovative Team
    Innovative Team
    We invest our source of mind. We care about our employees as they care about you and the wines we provide to you.

We take care of every single grape and fruit in order to produce innovative and delicious wines.

«Our winery uses classical individual wine technology, taking into account the desires of our consumers»

Our winery takes place in the location where we collect our grapes, fruits every day in season. It helps us to lose no time to transfer fresh fruits and process with care.

Discover our Fruit and Ready to Drink Wines

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«Since 1987 our brewers have developed and improved the best recipes for our craft beer»

690 litres/day

For many years, we are the top producer of fruit wines in Turkey and received many awards in Turkey. It is time to reach success on International Arena.

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